Saturday, April 24, 2010

2010 Eat Mobile

Sweet gluttony at its finest, and we wouldn’t have missed this for the world. 30 of Portland's renowned Food Carts corralled in one place, supplying more than ample portions of their finest offerings to battle it out for the esteemed "Best Food Cart Award." The 2010 event was appropriately hosted underneath the Morrison Bridge, on the East Side. My hat is off to the coordinators, as I have heard previous years were horrendous…tonight the food cart lines were never unbearable, the bathrooms had NO lines, and the beer and wine lines were virtually non-existent as well. An unbelievable feat with a sold-out crowd of 1,200 – well done WW!

Everyone received a marble bead as they walked in the door, and you gave that one bead to your favorite food cart. Huge decision, because almost every cart I tried was stellar. In the end, I chose Whiffle’s Fried Pies (hello fried piece of warm blueberry pie) and Armando chose PBJ’s (bacon PB&J covered with powdered sugar). The beignets served over Caffe Vita espresso-chocolate sauce was such a close second, it pained me to make the final decision.

The big disappointment was that the winner of the WW Food Cart Nominations, The Frying Scottsman, did not attend the event. This cart haunts my dreams with the ridiculously sweet smell of battered cod and chips (coincidentally positioned across the street from the new Fit Right NW running store, LOL). Also of note was that the wine was supplied by Dundee winery “Wine By Joe” and was unfortunately less than palatable. Thank god PBR was in full supply, and the ideal compliment to all of this amazing food cart cuisine!

As I write this I am in my elastic waistband pants and oversized tee, but I proudly admit that I cannot wait for next year! I love Portland now more than ever, if that’s possible.


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